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    Cooperativa FOCUS

    Equivalent to IPSS, whose mission is to be the specialist in
    the offer of individualized life projects...

  • Cooperativa Focus


    The first step in the training process is to read the ESDM manual...

Cooperativa Focus

What is Autism?

Cooperativa Focus

What is the evolution of Autism?

Cooperativa Focus

What are the causes of Autism?


Who Are We

Focus is dynamic and expanding non-profit Portuguese organization (Social Solidarity Cooperative) established in 2012 with sites in Porto and Vale de Cambra whose mission is to be the specialist in the offer of individualized life projects to individuals with global developmental delay and autism spectrum disorders (ASD).

In relentless pursuit of improving the lives of people affected by ASD in Portugal, FOCUS introduced in Portugal for the first time some of the world´s most recognized evidence based interventions on ASD in a closely international partnerships with some of the well know Universities and Research Centers like University of California Santa Barbara, the UCSB Koegel Autism Center  and the Oslo  University Hospital (PRT-Pivotal Response Treatment), University of California de Los Angeles and the Semel Institute of Neuroscience and Human Behavior (PEERS - Program for the Education and Enrichment of Relational Skills), University of California Davis and the Mind Institute (ESDM-Early Start Denver Model), Star Autism Support (Star Program and Links Curriculum) and Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center (Project SEARCH) and other´s Portuguese Institutions and Companies.

With those initiatives, we intend to provide to families and professionals that deals with these disorder, the opportunity to have specialized training in Portugal, on those innovative interventions with empirical evidence that supports our Vision: To be the national reference organization in the design, development and implementation of innovative solutions leading to the active participation of individuals with ASD on the society.

Partnerships / Sponsorships

Câmara Municipal de Vale de Cambra

Junta de Freguesia de Macieira de Cambra

Fundação Luiz Bernardo de Almeida

Fundação Dr. Luis Aguiar Soares


Phone: +351 932 360 480
(Call to national mobile network)

Rua Damião Góis, 115, S/4, Cedofeita, 4050-225 Porto

Praça da República, nº17,1º, Sala C, 3730-223 Vale de Cambra