• Sensory Integration (SI)

Sensory Integration (SI) therapy is designed to identify disruptions in the way the individual?s brain processes movement, touch, smell, sight and sound, and help he or she process these senses in a more productive way. It is sometimes used alone,  but is often part of an occupational therapy program. It is believed that SI does not teach higher-level skills, but rather enhances sensory processing abilities, allowing the child to be more available to acquire higher-level skills. Sensory Integration therapy might be used to help calm your child, to help reinforce a desired behavior, or to help with transitions between activities. Therapists begin with an individual evaluation to determine your child?s sensitivities. The therapist then plans an individualized program for the child, matching sensory stimulation with physical movement, to improve the way the brain processes and organizes sensory information. SI therapy often includes equipment such as swings, trampolines and slides.

Certified Occupational and Physical Therapists provide Sensory Integration Therapy.